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Before becoming specialists in finding tips to supplement your income from home, the team has been built up little by little thanks to its founder Flavien Verrieux.
Thanks to his down to earth state of mind, Flavien has started working with the RedBull landslide. Known for his stamina, Flavien became RedBull national strategy and development director in Shanghai in 2013 where he put into practise in an innovative way all he had learned during his 10 years analysing consuming patterns in the food- processing industry. And results are there: in 6 years Singapore, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Mongolia, Philippines, South Corea and China… and yet while he was spending holidays in France, he felt the tinge of nostalgia and regretted the delights of the French way of life, as a reminder of things past. It took some time to accept the idea but the life-changing decisions were taken in a flash and he came back to France!
Once back in France in 2016 Flavien needed to earn money so applied everywhere in spite of a clogged labour market. Though all his relatives admit he is hardworking, Flavien faced the usual hindrances that limit those who want to work off the beaten tracks. Over-qualified for a puzzled Pôle-emploi, with an impressive international network but rather useless in Bordeaux. As Flavien is not seduced by downjobbing, he decides to take care of his job situation, refusing to sell off his skills or do something that does not suit him. So he wanted to make money for and by himself, and that’s what he is now offering.
To find a way to round out his ends of month easily, Flavien turned to the Internet because he needed to pay his rent as well as all kind of expenses… Help! By the end of June 2016 Flavien increased his income for free by 1100 dollars thanks to an app that paid for his voice, amazing !
Amazed himself by the results, Flavien decided to dig deeper to find more ways to round out his ends of month. In a few months, he discovered a new and rather friendly way of life off the work beaten tracks. However, finding those tips to supplement his income was tedious and time-consuming. So he decided to let his new way of life based on the collaborative economy influence him and created a web service to make it easier and reachable to get tips to round out one’s ends of month near home, depending on your skills and opportunities. That’s how was created: to share that groundbreaking experience of the “route-to-market” with those who want to know how to make money easily with their smartphone while leading a new and eventful life.
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