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21/04/2017 by André (84), farmer  .

« As a former camper I know how much fun we can have camping. I converted a part of my garden, with water and electricity and since then I rent that place 4 months a year from 5 to 15 € a day. I have a return on what I spend and I even make some extra money thanks to the internet, as I would never have been as well-known without gamping, and the only place to find it is on».

28/02/2017 by José (35), Worker  .

«I changed jobs and ever since, I miss my former job : caterer, even though it was too much work on the long term. I wanted to be an extra for up-market catering services and with I blunder on Guest in the City, the ideal way to increase my monthly income quickly while doing what I enjoy. I have clients who want to know us and it’s enjoyable.»

17/02/2017 by Mariem (75), Pensioneer  .

«I was looking for a means to round out my ends of month by 200€ every month to top up my pension. Thanks to I found a plateform to find people looking for a babysitter in the neighbourhood, and in the evening I answer surveys on beauty products. »

17/02/2017 by Maëlle (34), Student and serial shopper .

« Since I have learnt about cashback, i do not miss any good deals and I make extra money on top of my purchase! No way I’ll pay the full price!!!! In fashion shops, such as Asos, there’s a 12% cashback, La Redoute 7%, Brandalley 7 %, Spartoo 15% on average, Sarenza 6%, Bata 7%; in perfume shops, such as Yves Rocher, it can can get up to 20% discount, L’Occitane, 10%, Marionnaud 4%. Before buying, I go on to gain access to reliable cashback sites, and in certain cases I can benefit from several discount  ».

17/02/2017 by Julien (59), Computer engineer .

« I had been wondering for a while how to make some extra money from all the time I spend on the Internet. I discover the new apps when they arrive on the market and I comment upon their bugs and how user-friendly they are. Let’s be honest, some are not very convincing; along with innovative webapps there are also unlikely apps, but it gave me and my spouse some burst of laughters ».

16/01/2017 by Julie (07 previously 95), Translator .

« Our home is now a guesthouse. On I saw we could advertise on less known platforms such as BedyCasa and Housetrip, ideal tips to really supplement my income from home. I lower the commission fees and I meet original holiday-makers willing to learn about the treasures of my area, Ardeche ».

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