Join the human-sized Airbnb janitorial service

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  • Involvement: Some
  • Availability: a few days to a week
  • Status: Independant

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The Airbnb janitorial service is a great success as it is an ideal way to supplement your wages. You will have to meet the needs of owners that can’t be around: bnbsitter offers you to welcome the guests and to spare them the daily housework, such as cleaning up, dirty laundry, groceries if necessary and meet their specific requirements. The idea is to keep the personal relationship as “ it is what is looked for by travellers” admitted Biagio Tumio, the head of Bnbsitter.

Join the human-sized Airbnb janitorial service

to be polite ; to be punctual ; to be smiling ; Be kind; to do the housework

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